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Intelligent FA SystemIntelligent FA System

Fusion of FA automation and Information Communication Technology for Discrete Manufacturing

Major Industries

Automobile, Electric, Semiconductor , Distribution(Conveyer) Metal, Logistics, Telecommunications, Industrial Equipment

Production Control System

  • Andon System, Digital Picking System, AGV System
  • HAISHIN System, Barcode / RF-ID, Smart Card
  • Automated Storage System, Transport Control System
  • Inventory management System, Embedded System
  • Digital Picking POKAYOKE System

Production Information System

  • IIoT System, O.E.E. System, Digital ANDON System
  • Web Camera Monitoring System
  • Kantan IoT System Kap@sitas

Traceability System

  • Laser Marking, QR Code , Mobile / Tablet

Virtualization System

Location Information System

Process AutomationProcess Automation

Total System solution of ‘Process Control’ for Industrial Plant

Major Industries

Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Food, Electric Power Pulp & Paper, Oil and Gas, Environment

Designing Manufacturing Execution System(MES)

Production Control System

  • Advanced Control, Recipe Management, Start-up/Shut-down Emergency Shut-down Sequence
  • Distributed Control System
  • Open Control System ‘EOCS ’

Field Instruments

  • Flow Meter, Pressure Transmitter, Level Meter, Thermo Meter
  • Pulp Consistency Transmitter, QCS System
  • PH, DO, UV Meter, Consistency Meter, ets,,

Control Valves, On-off Valves / Motor, Pump

  • Ball, Segment, Butterfly, Grove, Gate, High Pressure Valve

Proses Analyzer

  • Flue Gas Analyzer(Nox, O2, So2)


  • Electric, Instrumentation Panel, Motor Control Center(MCC)

Test & Measurement AutomationTest & Measurement Automation

Fusion of FA automation and Information Communication Technology for Discrete Manufacturing

Vibration Analysis

Laser Doppler Vibrometer

  • V100,V700 Series

IC Board Testing

In Circuit Testing System

  • Focus・ALMAX Series
    Function Testing System
  • Focus FX Series

Noise, Vibration Measurement for Automobile

  • Acceleration Sound Noise Measurement
  • Engine, Transmission, Vibration Noise Analyzing

Test Bench

Designing and Manufacturing

  • Goniophotometer
  • Motor Testing System
  • Leak Testing System ets,,

IoTEMC (Electro-Magnetic Compatibility) Test System

EMC consists of EMI (Electro-Magnetic Interference / Emission) and EMS (Electro-Magnetic Susceptibility / Immunity).

Kyoritsu offers a variety of EMC test systems, products and equipment.

Main products and equipment

  • Anechoic Chamber
  • Chassis Dynamo / Chassis Dynamo retractable turntable
  • RF Power Amplifier
  • VHF-LISN (Line Impedance Stabilization Network)

Laboratory AutomationLaboratory Automation

Kyoritsu’s Laboratory automation include latest electric measuring system Computer Aided Testing System, physical and chemical analyzing system and ets,, which aid improvement of productivity of R & D.

Physical and Chemical Analyzer

  • Gas Chromatograph
  • Liquid Chromatograph
  • X-ray Automatic Inspection Device(Vitrox)
  • Laser Microscope・Spectral Analyzer
  • Particle Counter
  • Data Analyzing System

Environment permanence Testing Equipment

  • Electrodynamic Vibration Testing System
  • Temperature and Humidity Chamber
  • Environmental Stress Chamber

Building Environmental AutomationBuilding Environmental Automation

Sun-Light based Power Saving System(Building, Factory)

  • Grid Green System

Power Line Communication

  • Grid Green Link

Building Air Conditioning System

Power Monitoring System

Water Quality Continuous Monitoring System

  • ユニレリーフ(UNI RELIEF)®

Water Treatment Monitoring, Control System

Civil AutomationCivil Automation

Control and Measuring System of Shielding Machine for Tunnel Digging

  • もぐう(MOGU)System®

Digging management
Excavation Management
Solid Volume Management
Tunnel Entry/Exit Management
Hazardous Gas Detection