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Kyoritsu Electric Corporation was incorporated in 1959 in Shizuoka City, which is located in the center of Tokaido Industrial Belt. Tokaido Industrial Belt is the most industrialized area in Japan where numerous large and small factories are in operation.

Kyoritsu Electric Corporation provides various kinds of systems, testing and measuring instruments etc., for the following fields listed underneath where most advanced and sophisticated Factory Automation Technologies and Testing Technologies are required.

Head Office
R&D Center
Technical Center
Location of Head Office 61-1 Nakadahoncho Suruga-Ku Shizuoka-Shi Japan
Branches 26 Branches(Domestic)
Establishment Fb. 11 1959
Capital 1,441,440,000JPY
Stock Listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange Standard
Representative Nobuyuki Nishi (President, Group CEO)
Number of employees (FY2021) 392
684 (Consolidated)
Sales(FY2021) 16.7 Billion JPY
28.3 Billion JPY(Consolidated)

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Kyoritsu Electric Corporation is promoting 'Intelligent FA business', which is defined as the fusion of 'Factory Automation technology' and 'Information technology(IT)'.

Kyoritsu Electric is an engineering company as well as a sales company and we employ about 100 system engineers to design and develop various kinds of software for factory automation.

In other words, Kyoritsu Electric is a perfect and comprehensive solution provider to those customers of manufacturers who are desirous of enhancing efficiencies and cost reduction in the process of production by utilizing our own technologies.

Kyoritsu Electric markets and delivers various kinds of instruments and apparatus armed with the most sophisticated software as an integrated system and this multi-dimensional provision of our own products offers a one-stop shopping service to manufacturer-type customers.

Hence, our customers are world-famous blue-chip manufacturers in various fields of industries such as automobile, electrical appliances, semi-conductors, pulp & paper, pharmaceuticals, and chemical industries, and we are proud of contributing to those customers in terms of maintaining and lifting further the strong competitiveness in the global market.

Since Kyoritsu Electric is destined to be the front runner in the Intelligent FA technology, we must always strive to foresee the direction of IT technology development as well as the trend of new product development by our customers. Failure in the accurate forecast of the future direction on above matters is regarded to be the biggest risk to the future growth of Kyoritsu Electric, however, since we have close business relations with those world-famous blue-chip companies who are leading the advances of various technologies in the global market, we are able to grasp on which road or area those companies will make an advance in the future through the daily communications and we say with confidence that such a risk as mentioned above should be very minimal.

Kyoritsu Electric is a perfect system provider selecting such devices and various items as best fit to the customer’s situation, always performing duties from customers’ standpoint, so as to fulfill customers’ requirement for automation, energy-saving, safety and to streamline the production.

We are also convinced that we provide utmost assurance to customers due to the fact that Kyoritsu is able to cover all steps of business from designing process of various systems all the way through engineering, installation work, and maintenance and repair.

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